"There are around 30.5 million elderly people in Russia today... almost one out of every five Russians falls  into this category. Eighty percent of them are living below the poverty line."

Proportion of Jewish elderly is much higher because so many younger Jews left the country in the recent years.

"The average pension in Russia is equivalent to 73 percent of minimum subsistence."

There are many thousands of elderly Jews in St. Petersburg that cannot survive on their own. How did they managed so far? They didn't. Without adequate nutrition, without necessary medicine, without medical services they are dying out. One by one. Whatever help they get from various organizations is not nearly enough.

We at Am Echad decided to find those people who are in the worst situation, who simply cannot make it without some assistance. At the age when good nutrition, drugs, and medical services are most important, they do not have it. Visit our Current Recipients page. Read about these people. See for yourself how their lives has changed because we are helping them.

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Read about A.B.R., who lost one kidney, whose second kidney is failing, and whose life would be cut short without proper diet and medication, that he could not afford. Not until he began receiving assistance from Am Echad.
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Read about G.I.G. who for the past fifteen years has been bedridden.  Because of a medical problem with her leg, G.I.G. is in such pain that she cannot be turned over to be bathed. But she could not afford medicine and nursing care. Not until now.
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Read about 100-year-old M.S.Z. who had to survive on less than $16 a month. We are helping her since May 2000.

And there are many more elderly whom we cannot help yet because our funds are limited. If you choose to get involved, your donation will make an immediate impact on someone's life. One less person will go hungry, day after day. One more person will feel better because the drugs will become affordable. One more life will be saved.

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